Fasso Family Video - Chapter 1 - From New York to California..

Made in 1992 from My Dad's old 8mm Home Movies he shot on a Keystone camera, which I still have.. All from the 50's and 60's.

I finished it and laid off to VHS night day before Easter at Sheli's. That's when we all sat and watched it with my Dad and Mom... They were both there.. But they didn't quite know what to say... It had been 30 years since they shot these and maybe watched them.. And I think the memories were kinda overwhelming for them..And,... they had been divorced for 20 years...

Production notes... just remembering how I made it..

I ran these in the Keystone Projector, which I still have also, on a white board on the wall.. Shot that with a SONY BVP camera we used at ICV, recorded to BetaCam on a BVW-35 deck (not Betamax..) Editing on A/B roll Betacam decks, Probobly a BVw-40 and a BVW-75..Using a Paltex CMX editor... LONG Before Non-linear editing or Final Cut you kiddies.... Narration was done by after I finished the final cut. I just watched it and told the story the way I tell stories..